Friday, April 6, 2018

[Herpetology • 2000] Naja mandalayensis • A New Cobra (Elapidae: Naja) from central Myanmar (Burma)

Naja mandalayensis  
Slowinski & Wüster, 2000

We describe a new species of spitting cobra of the genus Naja from central Myanmar. Multivariate analyses of morphological characters and analyses of mtDNA sequences confirm the distinctiveness of the new species. Phylogenetic analysis of the mtDNA data indicate that among the cobra species of the southeast Asian mainland, the new species is most closely related to the Thai spitting cobra, Naja siamensis. The new species is apparently endemic to an arid region in central Myanmar.

Joseph B. Slowinski and Wolfgang Wüster. 2000. A New Cobra (Elapidae: Naja) from Myanmar (Burma). Herpetologica. 56(2): 257–270. 

#MyFirstSpecies - Naja mandalayensis Slowinski & Wüster 2000. I found some poorly documented specimens in a  European museum collection, the late Joe Slowinski got the first living specimens in Myanmar, we described it together - 

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