Monday, November 21, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Begonia henrilaportei Scherber. & J. Duruisseau • A New Endemic Species (Begoniaceae) from the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar

Begonia henrilaportei 
Scherber. & J. Duruisseau  


Begonia henrilaportei Scherber. & J. Duruisseau, new species of Begoniaceae from the Masoala peninsula, in north-east Madagascar, is described and illustrated. It is provisionally placed in section Nerviplacentaria A. DC. and compared with Begonia lyallii A. DC. with which it presents morphological affinities. It is also compared with Begonia nana L’Hér. and Begonia bogneri Ziesenh. with which it has been mistaken in herbarium. A comparative table of characters is provided. The new species differs from these three species by having a caulescent habit with a creeping stem and linear-lanceolate blades with pinnate venation. The diagnostic characters, geographic distribution and a preliminary conservation assessment of the new species using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria are presented.

Keywords: Begoniaceae; Begonia; Madagascar; Masoala; Taxonomy

Fig. 2. – Begonia henrilaportei Scherber. & J. Duruisseau.
A. Habit in the type locality; B. Leaf adaxial surface; C. Apex of stem; D. Leaf abaxial surface; E. Inflorescence showing female flower and male flower bud; F. Stamens.
[Photos: A: J. Duruisseau; B-F: D. Scherberich]     DOI:  10.15553/c2016v711a3

Begonia henrilaportei Scherber. & J. Duruisseau differs from all other Malagasy species by the unique combination of creeping stem, linear-lanceolate blades with pinnate venation, male flowers composed of 2 perianth segments and female flowers with 4 segments.

Etymology. – This new species is dedicated to Henri Laporte, explorer, keen Begonia grower and collector, who discovered and introduced into cultivation many species from Madagascar. Henri died of severe malaria in December 2001, which he contracted on a trip to Madagascar.

 David Scherberich and Jacky Duruisseau. 2016. Begonia henrilaportei Scherber. & J. Duruisseau (Begoniaceae), A New Endemic Species from the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar.  Candollea. 71(1); 13-18.    DOI:  10.15553/c2016v711a3

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