Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[Orchidology • 2014] Paphiopedilum robinsonianum • A New Species of Paphiopedilum from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Paphiopedilum robinsonianum Cavestro

A new species of Paphiopedilum from Sulawesi is described. This species belongs to the subgenus Paphiopedilum Karas. & Saito and the section Barbata (Kraenzlin) V.A. Albert & Börge Pett. The plant and the flower have some morphological affinities with P. javanicum (Reinw. ex Lindl.) Pfitzer but the dorsal sepal is white with esmerald-green center, the margins of the petals are twisted and heavily ciliated (margins entire for P. javanicum), the staminode is transversely elliptic (reniform for P. javanicum).

Paphiopedilum robinsonianum Cavestro

Cavestro W. 2014. Paphiopedilum robinsonianum sp. nov.
Rhône-Alpes Orchidées. 52 : 10-15.

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