Thursday, March 14, 2019

[Botany • 2019] Manglietia pubipedunculata (Magnoliaceae) • A New Species from Yunnan, China

Manglietia pubipedunculata Q. W. Zeng & X. M. Hu 

in Hu, Zeng, Liu, et al., 2019. 

A new species, Manglietia pubipedunculata Q. W. Zeng & X. M. Hu (Magnoliaceae) is described and illustrated from Yunnan, China. In addition to macromorphological examination, we comparatively studied on micromorphology of leaf epidermis, leaf structure, and epidermal cell on the sclerotesta. This new species is similar to M. kwangtungensis in terms of having dense pubescence, however, their pubescence are quite different. Manglietia pubipedunculata has appressed, compressed, shorter and sparser pubescence consisting of single or two cells. Moreover, it differs from M. kwangtungensis by showing shorter and thicker peduncles, longer styles, basal carpels covered with sparsely brown appressed pubescence, and more ovules per carpel. Furthermore, the new species has thinner leaves, brown and rugged surfaces on sclerotesta, and the alveolate cell pattern consisting of pentagon or hexagon cells with papilla on secondary cell wall under the observation by SEM. The phylogenetic analysis from two nuclear PHYA and LEAFY and chloroplast trnH-psbA sequences of 11 taxa reveals that M. pubipedunculata is a distinct species.

Fig 1. Manglietia pubipedunculata.
 A, flower branch; B, flower bract; C, outer tepal; D, mid tepal; E-F, inner tepal; G, gynoecium with stamens; H, gynoecium; I, longitudinal section of gynoecium; J, longitudinal section of carpel; K, stamens; L, fruit aggregate. 

Fig 2. Images of living plants of Manglietia pubipedunculata [A-D, G, I] and M. kwangtungensis [E, F, H]

 A, habit; B-C, flower; D-E, flower bud; F-G, gynoecium; H-I, fruit aggregate.

Manglietia pubipedunculata Q. W. Zeng & X. M. Hu, sp. nov.

Type. CHINA. Yunnan Province, Wenshan Prefecture, Maguan County, Miechang Town, Daxinzhai Village, ..., evergreen broad-leaved forests, alt. 1453 m, ..., 14 May 2004, Q. W. Zeng 89 (holotype: IBSC). The same locality, 9 September 2003, Q. W. Zeng 80 (paratype: IBSC).

Diagnosis: Species Mkwangtungensis affinis, a qua ramulis, gemmis, petiolis, foliis subtus pedunculisque dense appresse brunneo-pubescentibus, veins reticulatis inconspicuis, tepalis 10−11, 3 exterioribus 8.8−9.8 cm longis et 3.8−4.8 cm latis, carpellis 39, basi sparse appresse pubescentibus, stylis 7−8 mm, pedunculis gracilibus 5.5−7.5 cm longis et 7−8 mm latis, folliculorum rostris 3–5 mm longis differt.

Distribution and habitat: Manglietia pubipedunculata is so far known only from a single location in Maguan County, the southeast of Yunnan Province. It grows in evergreen broad-leaved forests at 1400−1600 m with M. megaphylla, M. ovoidea and Alnus nepalensis, etc.


 Xiao-Min Hu, Qing-Wen Zeng, Ya-Si Liu, Lin Fu, Ru-Chun Xi, Hong-Feng Chen and Xiao-Mei Deng. 2019. Manglietia pubipedunculata (Magnoliaceae), A New Species from Yunnan, China. PLoS ONE. 14(3): e0210254. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0210254


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