Tuesday, November 13, 2018

[Chilopoda • 2018] Australobius tracheoperspicuus • the First Subterranean Species of Centipede (Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae) from southern China

Australobius tracheoperspicuus 
 Li, Pei, Guo, Ma & Chen, 2018

Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. (Lithobiomorpha: Lithobiidae) was recently discovered from the Cave of the brickyard of Gaofeng village, in the Guizhou Province, southwest China, and it is described here. Morphologically the new species is similar to A. magnus (Trozina>, 1894) from north-western China. The new species can be easily distinguished from those by the trachea connected to the valve of the TIII clearly visible from the dorsal side, the absence of ocelli on each side of the cephalic plate, the DaC spine being only present on the XIIIth–XVth legs. Numbers of examined specimens, distribution and the main morphological characters and an identification key to the known Chinese species of genus Australobius based on adult specimens is given.

Keywords: Australobius, cave Lithobiomorpha, China, new species

11 Posterior segments and gonopods in male, ventral view 
12 Living specimen of Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. 13 Cave of the brickyard of Gaofeng village.

Figures 1–12. Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. 
(holotype male 1–5, 7–9, 11–12 paratype female 6 and 10) 
1 Habitus, dorsal view 2 Tömösváry’s organ, lateral view 3 Cephalic plate, dorsal view 4 Cephalic plate, ventral view 5 Forcipular coxosternite, ventral view 6 T III of female 7 T III of male 8 SS I–V 9 SS VI and VII 10 Posterior segments and gonopods of female, ventral view 11 Posterior segments and gonopods in male, ventral view 12 Living specimen of Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n. 13 Cave of the brickyard of Gaofeng village.

Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n.

Diagnosis: Antennae with 26 articles, no ocelli, anterior margin of the coxosternite with 5+5 teeth, more or less developed, porodonts slender, between fourth and fifth outer teeth. Tergites without posterior triangular projections, trachea connected to the valve of the T III clearly visible from the dorsal side. Coxal pores 4–6. Tarsal articulation well defined on legs I–XV. No secondary sexual modifications on legs XIV and XV of male. Female gonopods with simple claw, 2+2 spurs. Male gonopods short and small blunt cone bulge, apically slightly sclerotized.

Etymology: The specific name refers to the trachea connected to the valve of the T III that is clearly visible from the dorsal side.

Habitat: The specimens were collected on the limestone walls and bedrock floor of the cave.

 Qing Li, Su-Jian Pei, Xuan Guo, Hui-Qin Ma and Hui-Ming Chen. 2018. Australobius tracheoperspicuus sp. n., the First Subterranean Species of Centipede from southern China (Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae).  ZooKeys. 795: 83-91.  DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.795.28036


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