Thursday, November 8, 2018

[Botany • 2018] Aspidistra laongamensis (Asparagaceae) • A New Species from Salavan Province, southern Laos

Aspidistra laongamensis  C. R. Lin & X. Y. Huang 

in Huang, Sosoulthanee, Ke, Xu, Sydara, et al., 2018.

Aspidistra laongamensis C. R. Lin & X. Y. Huang, a new species of the Asparagaceae from Saravan Region, Laos, is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to A. lubae Aver. et Tillich in the perianth shape, but differs by the creeping rhizome, externally yellowish white perianths with internall yellow lobes, and the flat, glabrous stigma.The new species is also similar to A. nankunshanensis Yan Liu & C. R. Lin in the ovate-triangular, internally yellow perianth lobes, but differs by its urceolate perianth with an internally purplish red tube, and stamens inserted in the middle of the perianth tube, and mushroom-shaped pistil. Aspidistra laongamensis is currently known only from Laongam city, southern Laos.

Keyword: Aspidistra, Laos, New species, Taxonomy

Fig. 1. Aspidistra laongamensis sp. nov. A, Habit; B, Stigmas, adaxial view; C, Flower 8-merous, dissected to show stamens and pistil; D, Flower 6-merous, perianth dissected to show stamens. 
Drawn by Wen-Hong Lin from the holotype.

Fig. 2. Aspidistra laongamensis sp. nov. (A-F): A, Flowers; B, Habit; C, Flower 8-merous, dissected to show stamens and pistil; D, Flower 6-merous, dissected to show stamens and pistil; E, Flower, side view; F, buds.
Aspidistra nankunshanensis Yan Liu & C. R. Lin (G-H): G, Flower, apical view; H, Flower, side view.

Aspidistra laongamensis C. R. Lin & X. Y. Huang, sp. nov

Etymology: The specific epithet refers to the City where this new species was found.

Distribution and ecology: This new species is currently known only from Laongam City, southern Laos. It grows in a primary broad-leaved evergreen forest at 160–250 m a.s.l.  

Xue-Yan Huang, Kosonh Sosoulthanee, Fan Ke, Wei-Bin Xu, Kongmany Sydara, Khamphanh Thepkaysone, Ren-Chuan Hu and Chun-Rui Lin. 2018. Aspidistra laongamensis (Asparagaceae), A New Species from Laos. Taiwania. 63(4); 393-396. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2018.63.393  


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