Monday, September 7, 2020

[Botany • 2020] Vanilla tiendatii (Orchidaceae) • A New Climbing Orchid from Vietnam


Vanilla tiendatii Vuong, V.H. Bui, V.S. Dang & Aver.

in Nguyen, Averyanov, Bui, et al., 2020.

Vanilla tiendatii, discovered in limestone mountain area of Quang Binh Province in Northern Vietnam, is described as a species new for science. Morphologically this species appears to be closely related to V. yesiniana and V. albida, but well differs in the leaf shape, flower color, lip densely papillate-hairy at apex, and column fimbriate-hairy in the basal half. The key for identification of Vanilla species occurring in Vietnam is provided.

Keyword: New species, Orchidaceae, plant diversity, plant taxonomy, Vanilla, Vietnam

Fig. 2. Vanilla tiendatii.
 A. Flowering plant; B. Leaf; C. Alcohol fixed inflorescences; D. Inflorescence bract; E. Flower, frontal view; F & G. Flowers, side views; H. Intact lip, frontal view; I. Dorsal sepal; J. Lateral sepals; K. Petals; L. Intact lip and column, side view; M. Lip and column separated, side view; N. Flattened lip, adaxial surface; O. Group of imbricate scarious bracts on the lip disk; P. Hairs on the lip apex; Q. Column, side view; R. Apical part of column, at different views; S. Front view of the column apex with pollinia removed; T. Anther cap with, and without pollinia; U. Pollinia.
All photos by Truong Ba Vuong, correction of photos and design by L. Averyanov.

Fig. 3. Vanilla tiendatii.
 A. Flowering plant; B. Infloresence; C. Flower, front view; D. Dorsal sepal; E. Lateral sepals; F. Petals; G. Lip; H. Column and pedicel; I. Column with anther cap (left) and without anther cap (right); J Anther cap; K. Papillate hairs.
Drawing from the type specimens by Truong Ba Vuong.

Fig. 1. Vanilla tiendatii 
A. Flowering plants in the wild B. plants in their natural habitat,. Photo by Bui Tien Dat.

Vanilla tiendatii Vuong, V.H. Bui, V.S. Dang & Aver., sp. nov. 

Etymology: The species is named after Mr. Bui Tien Dat, an orchid enthusiast who collected material used for the preparation of the type specimen. 

Habitat: Found growing as a lithophytic creeping vine, in both open and shady rather dry limestone forest together with Rhaphidophora species.

Distribution: Know from two locations in Quang Binh Province (Minh Hoa District, Trung Hoa and Yen Hoa communes).

Minh Ty Nguyen, Leonid V. Averyanov, Van Huong Bui, Nghia Son Hoang, Van Son Dang and Ba Vuong Truong. 2020. Vanilla tiendatii, A New Climbing Orchid from Vietnam. Taiwania. 65(4); 438-442. 
DOI: 10.6165/tai.2020.65.438