Friday, June 19, 2020

[Botany • 2020] Ceratopteris shingii (Pteridaceae) • A New Species of Ceratopteris with Creeping Rhizomes from Hainan, China

 Ceratopteris shingii 

in Zhang, Yu, Shao, et al., 2020.

A new species of fern, Ceratopteris shingii (Pteridaceae), was identified and characterized. It is endemic to Hainan Province, China. Ceratopteris shingii shares similar morphological characters with C. thalictroides but can be easily distinguished by its creeping rhizomes. In addition, molecular evidence indicated that the new species is sister to other Ceratopteris species.

Keywords: Ceratopteris, taxonomy, morphology characters, molecular evidence, Pteridophytes

Rui Zhang, Jun-Hao Yu, Wen Shao, Wei-Qing Wang, Hui Shang, Xi-Long Zheng and Yue-Hong Yan.  2020. Ceratopteris shingii, A New Species of Ceratopteris with Creeping Rhizomes from Hainan, China. Phytotaxa. 449(1); 23–30. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.449.1.3