Sunday, January 27, 2019

[Botany • 2018] Crepidium falcifolium (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae) • A New Species of Crepidium from peninsular Thailand

 Crepidium falcifolium Nuammee, Seelanan & H.A.Pedersen 

in Nuammee, Seelanan & Pedersen, 2018. 

   photographed by Wins Buddhawong.

While preparing an account of Crepidium (Orchidaceae) for Flora of Thailand, a new species was discovered on limestone hills in peninsular Thailand; it is described here as Crepidium falcifolium. It has previously been collected and identified as C. godefroyi, but is more similar to C. khasianum. We demonstrate that the new species differs from either in both vegetative and floral characters. A detailed description and illustrations are provided together with notes on taxonomy, habitat requirements, and conservation status.

Keywords: Malaxideae, SE Asian biodiversity, systematics, taxonomy.

 Crepidium falcifolium Nuammee, Seelanan & H.A.Pedersen, Flower, front view.
photographed by A. Nuammee.

 Crepidium falcifolium Nuammee, Seelanan & H.A.Pedersen, from Surat Thani.

   photographed by Wins Buddhawong.

 Crepidium falcifolium Nuammee, Seelanan & H.A.Pedersen, from Surat Thani.

 photographed by Wins Buddhawong.

Crepidium falcifolium Nuammee, Seelanan & H.A.Pedersen, sp. nov. 

TYPE: THAILAND. Nakhon Si Thammarat: ..., Nopphitam District, Krung Ching Subdistrict, humus-rich soil in shaded areas of limestone hill, ca. 240 m alt., ... 

Malaxis godefroyi auct. non (Rchb.f.) Kuntze: Seidenf., Bot. Tidsskr. 65: 127 p.p., figure 18. 1969; Dansk Bot. Arkiv 33(1): 54 p.p., figure 40. 1978. 

Similar to C. khasianum but differs in having distinctly falcate to narrowly lanceolate, less than 2 cm wide, usually green leaves, reflexed lateral sepals with recurved margins, and a labellum that is less than 4 mm wide and shallowly bilobed at apex with rounded lobes.

Habitat and Ecology— All individuals encountered up to now were found growing in humus-rich soil in shaded areas in mixed deciduous forest on limestone hills at 200–250 m in elevation. 

Etymology—The epithet refers to the falcate leaf shape, a feature that distinguishes C. falcifolium from most other species in the genus.


Anchalee Nuammee, Tosak Seelanan and Henrik Æ. Pedersen. 2018. A New Species of Crepidium (Orchidaceae) from Thailand.  Systematic Botany. 43(4); 950-956. DOI:  10.1600/036364418X697788 

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