Sunday, September 11, 2016

[Botany • 2016] A Nonet of Novel Species of Monanthotaxis (Annonaceae) from around Africa

Monanthotaxis komorensis P.H.Hoekstra
Monanthotaxis latistamina P.H.Hoekstra

As part of an ongoing revision of the genus Monanthotaxis Baill. (Annonaceae), nine new species are described and one variety is reinstated to species rank. Two new species from West Africa (Monanthotaxis aquila P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov. and Monanthotaxis atewensis P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.), four new species from Central Africa (Monanthotaxis couvreurii P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.Monanthotaxis latistamina P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.Monanthotaxis tripetala P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov. and Monanthotaxis zenkeri P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.), one new species from Tanzania (Monanthotaxis filipes P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.), one new species from the area around Maputo (Monanthotaxis maputensis P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.), one new species from the Comoro Islands (Monanthotaxis komorensis P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.) and Monanthotaxis klainei (Engl.) Verdc. var. angustifolia (Boutique) Verdc. is raised to species level leading to the replacement name Monanthotaxis atopostema P.H.Hoekstra, nom. nov. (not Monanthotaxis angustifolia (Exell) Verdc.). Complete descriptions, comparisons with related species, ecological information and IUCN conservation assessments are given for the new species. Five species were classified as critical endangered, two species as endangered, one as vulnerable and one as least concern, warranting the need of further collecting and studying those species.

Keywords: Monanthotaxis, Annonaceae, Africa, Gilbertiella, new species, Mayotte, Comoros, Gabon, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Ghana, South Africa, Republic of Congo, Atewa Range, Ottotomo, Rondo

Figure 8. Monanthotaxis komorensis P.H.Hoekstra. A Photographs in the field of collection Barthelat 833 B–C idem, Barthelat 1045, D idem, Barthelat 1319. Photos: Fabien Barthelat.

 Paul H. Hoekstra, Jan J. Wieringa and Lars W. Chatrou. 2016. A Nonet of Novel Species of Monanthotaxis (Annonaceae) from around Africa. PhytoKeys. 69: 71-103. DOI:  10.3897/phytokeys.69.9292

A nonet of new plant species from Africa emphasizes the importance of he... via @Pensoft @EurekAlertAAAS

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