Sunday, June 26, 2011

[Herpetology • 2007] Rhacophorus suffry • red-webbed Rhacophorus from Assam

Flying frog (Rhacophorus suffry). The bright green, red-footed tree frog Rhacophorus suffry, a so-called 'Flying frog' because long webbed feet allow the species to glide when falling, was described in 2007. Photo by: © Totul Bortamuli / WWF Nepal
Rhacophorus suffry Bordoloi, Bortamuli and Ohler, 2007
Distribution: India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland)

The taxonomic status of Rhacophorus maculatus Anderson, 1871 and its replacement names (alloneonyms) Rhacophorus bimaculatus Boulenger, 1882 and Rhacophorus bipunctatus Ahl, 1927 is assessed and a lectotype (lectophoront) for this nomen is designated. Morphological evidence supports the nomen Rhacophorus htunwini Wilkinson et al., 2005 being a junior subjective synonym of Rhacophorus maculatus Anderson, 1871. Rhacophorus rhodopus Liu & Hu, 1960 is considered a valid nomen with a new junior subjective synonym, Rhacophorus namdaphaensis Sarkar & Sanyal, 1985. A new species of red-webbed Rhacophorus is described which can be distinguished by the other species by the presence of web between fingers, green dorsal coloration and red web on feet, the absence of blackish spots on web and on flanks, the absence of complete web between fingers and the absence of distinct dermal appendages on forelimbs, tarsi and feet. A key to the red-webbed species of Rhacophorus is given.

Key words: taxonomy, Amphibian, treefrogs, key, South-East Asia

Bordoloi, S., Bortamuli, T. and Ohler, A. 2007. Systematics of the genus Rhacophorus (Amphibia, Anura): identity of red-webbed forms and description of a new species from Assam. Zootaxa. 1653: 1-20.:

Photos: hundreds of new species discovered in Himalayan region, threatened by climate change via @mongabay